Zane Williams

Come hear some of the best country songs the way country songs should be by singer-songwriter Zane Williams. Like mini movies, they pull you in, tell you a story, make you laugh, and remind you of life’s deepest truths. Zane wrote all 11 songs on his latest album, and while they cover a broad range of sonic and lyric territory, his unique voice runs through them like a thread that ties them all together. Zane has received consistent radio airplay on country stations that led to his first entry on the Texas Music Charts with “Ride With Me”. Zane is also a featured artist on Troubadour Texas, a television show documenting his rising career. “I can honestly say I’m doing what I love,” Zane said. “And I’m where I need to be.” Zane's pre-show rituals include a shot of whiskey "(for vocal purposes only, of course)." Following the show, you can catch Zane mingling with fans at the merch booth, and then indulging in Whataburger. He also knew from the beginning that he would pursue music. When asked about what he'd be doing if he wasn't an artist, Zane proclaimed, "Honestly, no idea. I’ve never had a plan B. Probably start my own business of some kind because I’m used to running my own ship.